Friday, January 20, 2017

How to easy to make sports predictions

It is tough to break records: however it’s relatively easy to make sports predictions...Or so YOU thought!

Hurray! NCAA season is here! What I really mean is its time to indulge myself in NCAA game predictionsas a usual pastime.

Predicting things can be a challenge, especially if its sports predictions and here I want to specifically speak about NCAA game predictions. It’s like, sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the same time! 
It’s even more difficult to hold a steady game face when a prominent genius like Bruce Feldman boldly announces NCAA game predictions like ‘The most prolific offense will come from the state of Texas’ or ‘Deshaun Watson will lead Clemson to the promised land’ Who cares whether these sports predictions materialize or not, it’s the spirit that counts right?

Well…probably not, if you ask me. Even though Feldman has access unrivaled to the new emerging generation of Quarterback goliaths, it still does not account for the foreseeable catastrophes in NCAA game prediction variables. You have to be aware of many factors.
In fact, I would like to describe some pre-season NCAA game predictions that went dead wrong, and if asked the reason for, will make their claimers go blue in the face!
  1. Alabama, in the preseason, shouldn’t be ranked No.1: Woo Boy, did this go down! This sports prediction was biased on the notion that to be in the numero uno spot should be dependent on last year rather than this year. The reality: Alabama progressed undefeated…winning all but one game by double digits...and could go down as the greatest team of all time in their small private 'Book of Fame' !
Lamar Jackson was not in my top 100 list: I never had a very high regard of LJ, but it turned out NCAA game predictions never had me in their favor too! The reality: LJ not only did 51 touchdowns but also emerged as one of the most dynamic players in NCAA (not to mention successfully embarrassing me in my private gig of sports predictions!)

This to-date is my worst fail ever…sob; That Charlie Strong would keep his job as coach of  the Texas Longhorns! Sad Reality: After that Oklahoma State game, it was the beginning of the end for him…and the downfall of my NCAA game predictions!

Therefore, here is a shout-out to all my comrades in betting, ‘There is no shame in asking a professional ncaa game predictions  for help!’

I found my Guru in Dog Pound Psychic!
They guide you along (as opposed to string you along) in the complicated process of NCAA game predictions at a minimal fee. Remember, nobody can make a guaranteed sports predictions, and those who claim to do so, are hoodwinking not only others but themselves as well!

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